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About us

With us you are a trusted customer with a name and not a number in a file.

With a small team and the managing director as your direct contact person, we can ensure a fast, reliable and discreet fulfilment of your requests. In addition, we guarantee a high degree of flexibility. Through short communication and decision paths, trust and discretion will build a successful customer relationship between you and us.

Our Team




JOEL Meisser



NAEMI Meisser



Our Story

By chance to success

In January 2000 we came across a lost participant of the World Economic Forum (WEF) – Annual Meeting in a residential building. He was standing outside in the freezing month of January without an apartment and without a place to sleep, because there was a double booking with the agency he booked. Beatrice helped him to find an apartment for the whole week and this was the starting point of her business idea. In the following year there were already 20 private apartments and the first customer is still one of her loyal customers. Through word of mouth this business idea grew enormously in the following years.

Foundation of Meiga Consulting FL

Besides apartments, we started to offer event spaces, transportation and HR activities in the field of recruiting and consulting.

Big leap for Meiga Consulting.

After almost 15 years we decided to focus 100% on Meiga Consulting and gave up our main occupations. This led to a huge jump in client acquisition and real estate objects.

Reorientation and foundation of Intire Group Holding AG

It was time for a reorientation and we founded Intire Residence AG, Intire Service AG and Intire Consulting GmbH. Intire Residence focuses on holding and managing your property, selling and brokering, renting as well as maintaining your property.
Intire Service AG on the other hand, stands for all services around the WEF. Thanks to the training as a career coach, new doors opened with Intire Consulting in the field of HR, coaching, as well as renewable energy consulting in the event sector.

Do you have any questions?

Feel Home – Together to the perfect property or the perfect tenant or buyer.

A vacation home in the mountains or a studio in Zurich? Would you like to be sure that your property is optimally placed on the market and that the right tenant/buyer is found? We are happy to support you in ensuring that the purchase or sale is straightforward and uncomplicated. In addition, we help you with the management of your property all year around.